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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Oak Hill's "Hotel Hill" Opened in 1928

Built by brothers William H. and Claude R. Hill, the hotel known as "Hotel Hill" opened for business in the Fayette County community of Oak Hill, in November of 1928.  The establishment provided accommodations for the traveling public for about 44 years, ceasing to function as a hotel in 1977.

Hotel Hill was built on the spot formerly occupied by an old two-story log cabin, built by John Kelley (Oct. 28, 1828--July 21, 1889), one of the town's early settlers, who owned the farmlands upon which most of Oak Hill's (west-end) business district was later developed.

Former Hotel Hill Building in Oak Hill, WV
Former "Hotel Hill" building on Main Street in Oak Hill, West Virginia
The John Kelley farm was just one of several parcels of land acquired by C. T. Jones (1849-1911) in the vicinity of Oak Hill.  Jones also purchased the John Brenneman farm, located between Oak Hill and the White Oak Country Club.


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